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Regamet-Clasic is an excellent and professional company dealing with the assembly and disassembly of metal wharehouse racks. The company was established in 1998. And from the very beginning we took care of the client’s satisfaction.


Edward Deming once said:

"Quality is a way of thinking which causes one to apply and constantly search for the best solutions.

That is why our services are of a high level, not only in terms of quality. The company has ISO9001 safety and quality certificate as well as SCC*/VGA*  2008/5.1.

Certificate ISO Certificate OHSAS People who work for us are the best selected employees, who are not afraid of new challenges, at times also at nasty weather. Each employee has a Safety Regulations certificate and a certificate confirming health tests for high altitude works, since safety is fundamental for our company.

A good employee is a satisfied one! This is our motto and we try to provide best possible working conditions.

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